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    About Us

    Shanghaiyuhong building waterproof materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Shanghai. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, construction and service. Has the National building waterproof grade 3 qualifications, anti-corrosion insulation level 3 qualifications, building decoration level 3 qualifications, external wall insulation level 3 qualifications. It is a member unit of the China Construction Waterproofing Association, a vice president unit of the Henan Construction Waterproofing Association, and a director unit of the Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association. The company has passed the quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system and many other professional certification. Since the establishment of the company, in accordance with the integrity of enterprise, the spirit of innovation has continued to develop. There are now five waterproof materials production bases in Shanghai Jinshan, Jiangsu Jinhu, Jiangsu Taicang, Henan Nanyang, and Zhejiang Zhoushan, which ensure the timely and stable supply of products. Equipped with international leading various waterproof coil production lines eight, fully automatic environmental protection waterproof coating production line nine. The annual production of building waterproof coil material 30 million square meters, waterproof paint 50,000 tons. It has a number of independent brands such as "Yu Hong", "Nashka" and "Shi Bike". Products include: modified asphalt waterproof coil series, polymer waterproof materials series, root-resistant waterproof materials series, environmentally friendly polymer waterproof coatings series, water stoppage materials series, to achieve full coverage of varieties, full function. The Group has jurisdiction over Shanghaiyuhong, Shanghai Yuhong(Jinhu) Construction Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuhong Construction Waterproof Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghaiyuhong Construction Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd., Nanyangyuhong Construction Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Yuhong Construction Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd., Yuhong , Shanghai Yuhong , Shanghai Yuhong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Roto Robots 10 wholly owned subsidiaries of Shanghai Kunke Industrial Co. Ltd.. More than 50 branches have been established in Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shandong, Shaanxi, Guangxi, and Jiangxi. The service network covers the whole country, and high-quality products are exported overseas. In order to cope with the ever-expanding market share, meet the increasing quality and environmental protection needs, the company established a research and development application center in cooperation with the Suzhou Waterproofing Research Institute of the China Building Materials Research Institute, and the laboratory was rated as a standardized laboratory. The company has independently developed a fully automatic waterproof coating production line with international advanced standards, a smart factory management system, a product quality traceability system, and a product Anti-Counterfeiting inquiry system. With the industry leading intelligent production and management technology, the company has greatly improved its work efficiency and reduced its labor intensity. It also ensures the stability of product quality. With its profound technical advantages and excellent product quality, The company has won the famous Chinese brand, the top ten brands in the waterproof industry, the brand of green environmental protection building materials, the certification of China's environmental symbol products, the high-quality products of China's building materials industry, China's engineering construction promotion products, and water-proof quality improvement standards enterprises. Yuhong has a complete solution for waterproof systems in various fields such as industrial and civilian construction, high-speed rail, road bridges, and airports. It is one of the most complete production companies in the field of building waterproof materials in China. The company has successively constructed a large number of national key projects and Shanghai landmark projects such as Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Expo Park, Disney Park, Shanghai Rail Transit, Shanghai Outer Beach International Finance Center, and many of them have been awarded Luban. Award and White Magnolia Award. The company relies on excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service with the Green Land Group, China Resources Land, Sunshine City Group and other dozens of enterprise groups to establish a long-term solid strategic cooperative partnership.  


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